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A Pretty Post-Apocolyptic Vision

Hello friends!

Between lots of travels, I have been hard at work making some new tintype images. Mostly the big & beautiful sort-- 8x10 tintype plates. The resolution on the large plates is really quite amazing and there is a wonderful depth to the images when you see the actual plates in person. The digital scans and uploads look pretty good, but there is definitely a little something lost in translation. You will have the chance to see these plates in person on July 27, when they will be on display at the wonderful visual arts center, Disjecta, in Portland, Oregon. Super exciting!

I have been continuing to collaborate with artist Francesca Berrini on a series of images featuring her current artwork, which she labels 'Post-Apocolyptic Couture'. Francesca painstakingly constructs large woven structures and garments from foraged bits of the natural world: moss hanging from branches, cedar, twigs, bark... 

Our collaboration over the last several months will come to fruition on July 27 at Disjecta visual arts center: Francesca's creations will be brought to life in a live 'fashion show' of sorts and my tintype plates will be on display. 

Here are some of the new images, which will be featured at the Disjecta exhibit. I am really pleased with the way that these images came together... dark and stormy, haunting and mysterious.



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