Maker Faire is just around the corner and I thought that I would post a few of the new tintype explorations that I have been playing with. The early tintypists of the 19th century valued presentation as an integral part of the craft of making tintypes. There are many beautiful embossed cases and decorative frames that were used to house tintypes of the period. In my ongoing quest to bring my own style and aesthtics to the tintype process, while still honoring the long tradition of the craft, I have been experimenting with different styles of presentation: adding flocked paper and embossed leather to the backs of the tintypes, framing the plates with metallic detailing, and hanging the plates from velvet and linen ribbon. I am really pleased with the vintage, sort of French-inspired look that I am getting. It highlights the tintypes without overwhelming them. 

Ribbons as hanging devices
Posted on September 16, 2011 and filed under Uncategorized.